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Byrn Brands offers full-spectrum medical cannabis remedies for all patient needs.


Byrn Brands creates and grows premium genetics which go into all of our products.

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chillum byrn medical cannabis

Byrn’s customized chillums are a perfect way to enjoy our cannabis infused extracts.

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chillum byrn medical cannabis

Utilizing a patent pending infusion process with our ultra-slow burn technology, Byrn Brands offers solvent free pre-rolls over 65% THC.

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pre-roll byrn medical cannabis
Hash Balls

Byrn Brands offers full melt, entourage hash balls made from premium cannabis.

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hash ball byrn medical cannabis
Custom Coins

Byrn Brands custom cannabis coins are full-spectrum and offer custom terpene and cannabinoid profiles with up to 70% THC per coin.

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coin byrn medical cannabis
byrn cannabis hash
byrn golden rosin cannabis