chillum byrn medical cannabis

Byrn’s customized chillums are a perfect way to enjoy our cannabis infused extracts. Our chillums allow you to have multiple sessions of our premium product while keeping some money left in your wallet. These specialty products are just a few of the premium, advanced products that we have designed for the perfect customer experience.

  • Premium, ultra-potent cannabis packed chillum
  • .5 - 1 gram of cannabis extract per chillum
  • 650mg THC+
  • Full-spectrum, entourage effect
  • State-of-the-art infusion process
  • Custom terpene and cannabinoid profiles
  • Entourage effect in all chillums
  • Zero cutting agents or additives
How to Order

For delivery orders go to
or visit the dispensary location at:
Gold Leaf
5220 Hardward Pl
Sebring, FL 33870

Where to Buy