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Byrn Brands offers beyond full-spectrum infused cannabis products utilizing our signature patent pending process. Our specific cannabinoid and terpine formulations provide patients with therapeutic effects to target a variety of ailments.

The BYRN Entourage Effect

Terpenes are therapeutic, organic compounds that give cannabis its unique flavor, aroma and effects.  Byrn Brands utilizes a patent pending beyond full spectrum relief that magnifies the vast therapeutic benefits of accurately balanced terpenes and cannabinoids working together to target specific ailments called the "Entourage Effect".


  • Lab Tested
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  • Custom Formulated

Byrn Brands was developed to offer patients an enhanced entourage effect by formulating specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles to create premium cannabis compounds to offer patients fast acting and long lasting options that target their specific ailments for maximize relief.

Our Products
byrn brands medical cannabis products

The Byrn Difference

Our patent pending process provides custom formulated, beyond full-spectrum products that are able to provide patients with ailment specific benefits.

Multiple studies have shown that the use of the whole plant and its array of cannabinoids and terpenes known as full spectrum have a much better therapeutic benefit than commonly found concentrates that isolate one or more of these compounds using typical extraction methods. Byrn Brands takes full spectrum a step further and creates what we call beyond full spectrum by formulating products that are infused with specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles that provide truly amazing therapeutic effects.

Cannabis has hundreds of chemical compounds including the well-known cannabinoids Delta-9 THC and CBD as well as a multitude of terpenes. When these compounds work together their therapeutic benefits are vastly magnified. This is known as the entourage effect. Byrn Brands products use the science behind the entourage effect to create products that provide an enhanced effect that targets specific ailments and creates a new level of relief.

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